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Banned & Revoked: Water Bottles @ Shirdi Temple - Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan News

On 09th June`2014, Shri.Kundan Sonwane took charge as the Deputy Executive Officer of Shirdi Sansthan. On the first day itself, when he visited the Sai Temple, he found Water-bottles in the Darshan Queue. He took serious note of this & gave orders for action against 5 security guards in the Queue and 8 female security guards of the Temple.

On 19th Jun`2014, implementing the orders after a whooping 9 days,the Contractor on the instructions of Labour Department sent the related employees to home for 8 days by verbal orders. Also 6 permanent employees were giving a "show cause" notice.

On one hand, although Security organizations like 'IB' have forbidden carrying mobiles within the Sai Temple premises, still Mobiles are freely brought inside the Temple premises. But restrictions were introduced on a life-essential thing such as Water ?

The former Chairman of the Shirdi Municipal Council, Shri.Kailas Kote said that, in the Queues, children as well as old people who stand for hours at a stretch require water. Many devotees become uneasy because of not having water and become unconscious. In the crowds, when the Darshan Queue's extend to very long distances in the town, then in the scorching sun, the devotees have to purchase Water-bottles at exorbitant rates. Under such circumstances, the Sansthan machinery, let alone providing shade, does not even provide the facility of Water also. It is necessary for the administration to look into these matters.

He also alleged about the double standards of the Sansthan. He said that in reality, in the Darshan Queue Halls itself, the Sansthan sells Water-bottles. Later within a 100 steps (short distance), the security guards take away these bottles rom the people. On one hand, to sell these bottles in the Darshan Queue & on the other if the devotees come with these bottles in the Temple,then to take action against the security guards, this is double standards by the Sansthan!

Sensing the anger of the devotees whole Friday, who had become distressed for want of water, the Administration realized that water bottle is not a sensitive or dangerous issue but life-essential.Hence taking a U-turn in this matter at night, the ban on bringing Water-bottles in Temple premises was removed.Also the action against the 13 employees who were termed as guilty and suspended, automatically stood cancelled.

Clarifying this matter, Shri.Kundan Sonwane said: "Observing the empty Water-bottles in the Temple premises, from the point of view of cleanliness,I had given orders to the Security Officers, but taking an altogether different meaning out of that,the concerned officers straightaway imposed a ban on Water-bottles.On Friday this issue was noticed & hence I personally did an inspection & gave orders to stop this immediately. In this matter, action will be taken against the guilty."

Shri.Sonwane expressed apology for the inconvenience caused to the devotees over the last 2 days because of this issue, which happened due to misunderstanding & lack of coordination. At the place where Water-bottles were taken back, now only the 'Empty Water-bottles' shall be taken back for cleanliness purpose. The devotees also expressed anguish against this decision throughout the day. As a result, the Shirdi Temple Administration taking a U-turn in the night itself at 09:00 pm, ordered a cancellation of this unjust decision.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal
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