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Whats cOOking @ Sai Prasadalaya`Shirdi

Shri Sai Prasadalaya -
Behind Shirdi Police Station,
Nimgaon Shiv Road,
Nimgaon Korhale,
Shirdi - Maharashtra
Shirdi is a place of Faith for each and every Sai Devotee. The Sai Devotees regard the Meal at the Shirdi Sai Prasadalaya as their Holy Prasad. Many generous Sai devotees donate meals for all the Sai Devotees free of cost. At present, in the Sai Prasadalaya, everyday around 30 to 40 thousand Sai devotees have their Meals. During the time of vacation and festivals of Lord Sai Baba the number of Sai devotees goes up to 60 thousand.

Free Prasad Meals are served around 1000 people daily which includes the poor, blind, handicapped &
sages. The Sai Prasadalaya’s yearly expenditure is about Rs.70 crores and the products needed for preparing the meal like for using 10,000 Quintals Wheat, 9,000 Quintals Rice etc are all purchased via E-Tenders.

Meal Passes: available from 09:30 Am to 09:30 Pm only. Meal Timings: from 10:00 Am to 10:00 Pm only. Meal Charges: for adults is Rs.10/- per person only and for children (below the age of 10) it is Rs.5/- only. Menu: 1 Dal, 2 Vegetables, Rice, Chapati & 1 Sweet.

Special feeder buses shuttle devotees free of charge to & fro to the Shri Sai Prasadalaya from the 'Sai Prasad' building No.2 (near the car parking) outside the Sai Temple.

There are about 1500 workers in total who work @ the Prasadalaya in 2 shifts. Food is cooked using huge Solar Cookers installed at the Prasadalaya, making it the biggest Solar Steam Cooking Project by any religious institution in the world and for which it has also received an Award from Government of India. This has also brought down the expenses made on LPG by around Rs.21,000 per day, totaling it upto around Rs.39 Lakhs till Dec`2013. The Shirdi Sansthan is also spending about Rs.25 Crore annually to provide free ladoo prasad to all devotees standing in the darshan queue.

The Shirdi Trust had started a "Free Annadan Scheme" at the Prasadalaya from 31st March 2007. According to this scheme, devotees on their or their family members Birthdays or in fond remembrance of their closed ones can donate Rs.3 lakhs or more for a 1-day Free Prasad Meal for all Sai devotees. The Donor can donate individually or in the group of maximum 5 members. As per the Scheme, the Prasad Meal Coupons will be freely distributed to the devotees in the Prasad queue according to the dates suggested by the Donor and also on the same day, the Donor(s) name(s) will be displayed at the Prasadalaya’s notice board. Cost for a One Day Prasad Meal
1) Rs 3 Lakhs on Festivals. 2) Rs 2 Lakhs on other (Non Festival) days.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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