Friday, October 11, 2013


Coins worth Rs 1.5 lakh & other items were found in a defunct well in Shirdi, which was said to be used by Sai Baba. The coins and other items offered by devotees, were recovered during cleaning of the well in Lendi Baug area. Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust had undertaken the task of removing sediments to make the well fit for drawing water and overcome the severe water shortage it was facing, as the pond supplying water to the temple had dried up. Also, supply from Nashik's Darna dam was often irregular, leading to shortage of drinking water for the devotees visiting Shirdi.

This well in Lendi Bagh is situated straight ahead of the floral canopied entrance, by the side of the western compound wall. Baba Himself with the help of His devotees had dug and built this well. Baba used to drink water from this well, and he called it 'Budki'. The water of this well became famous in the vicinity, for driving away fevers and other ailments. Previously devotees used to take water from this well, and then it gradually dried up. In 1983 A.R. Shinde deepened this well and water was found in abundance. Originally, there were two wells in Shirdi in those days,one in Lendi Bagh and the other was on the left side of the exiting stairs of the Samadhi Mandir. The well that was present near Samadhi Mandir exit stairs does not exist anymore.

During the cleaning operation, coins of Rs.1, Rs.2 and Rs.5 denominations, thrown by devotees in the well, were recovered by workers. The value of the coins is estimated around Rs 1.5 lakh, Sansthan sources said. Besides coins, small idols of Saibaba and coconuts, among other things, were also pulled out.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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