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On Thursday 10th Oct`2013,

A 3-member Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) team checked the security arrangements at the Shirdi Shrine and found the Sai Temple Security was lax. The ATS officials managed to enter the Temple Premises by Gate No.1 with a bomb-like object wrapped in a carton because there was no proper checking done by the plainclothes officials at the gates.

The Shirdi Sai Temple Trust has:
1) Raised the height of the Boundary walls in view of the terror threats and has also constructed Watch Towers.
2) Made Seven emergency exits and installed 16 Cellphone jammers.
3) Carries out regular Security Drills while the local police conducts security checks.
4) Installed a Bullet-proof glass on the Temple's southern side door where devotees stand in the compound for darshan.
5) Installed Scanners which can detect explosives like TNT, RDX and other explosives.
6) Installed 68 Fixed CCTV Cameras & 12 Hi-Tech PTZ Cameras which can Zoom in on any suspects Face for a close up.
7) Installed 50 Metal detectors & Luggage scanners also.

Devotees from all walks of Life visit Shirdi everyday. This sometimes includes certain criminals, pickpockets etc too. And so to avoid any terrorist attack or any untoward incident arising due to such anti-social elements presence in the Temple Premises, the Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan Trust has at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore, installed High Tech Security System all around the Sai Temple. There are CCTV's installed all around the Temple Premises, inside as well as outside. And recently a new Biometric Facial Recognition system has been installed which can not only locate but also alert the Temple authorities of the presence of thieves, pickpockets and even terrorists in the Temple's premises.

For this new Biometric Facial Recognition Technique the Data & Photographs of all the Culprits/Terrorists etc received from the Central Governments "National Investigation Agency (NIA)" & the State Governments "Criminal Investigation Department" (CID) will be uploaded into the system. And if the Scanner spots any matching Data/Photograph of any suspect entering the Temple or coming within the ambit of the installed CCTV cameras, an Alarm will be set off and the authorities will be alerted automatically as to which criminal has entered the Temple premises and where exactly he was spotted. The Shirdi Police can then be informed and the necessary action can be taken accordingly.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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