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1) If you recall, some time back I had posted an article of the World's First Flower Reprocessing Machine @ Lodhi Road Sai Baba Temple`New Delhi.But, now its come to my knowledge that since almost a month the Temple Authorities have stopped operating this Machine and thus almost around 14000 kg of used flowers have been deprived from being reprocessed for good ! One can imagine how much loss it can be for the environment if this machine is not put to use, now that they have it. So, just wanted to ask if any devotee has any idea as to why the Lodhi Road Sai Temple Authorities have stopped using this Machine or when are they going to re-start operating it.
2) Shirdi Sansthan got a new CEO and Dy.CEO on 27th Sept`2013.
* Shri Ajay More - SDO, Shrirampur has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Shirdi Sansthan in place of Shri.Kishore More who completed his term on 31st July`2013
* Shri. Appasaheb Shinde - Tahsildar, Rahata has been appointed as the new Deputy Executive Officer of Shirdi Sansthan in place of Dr.Yashwant Rao Mane who completed his term on 17th Sept`2013.
3) Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited (AICTSL) will soon start Volvo bus service between Indore - Shirdi. The tender process has been completed. The board has approved names of the operators for the route.
4) Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has opened a tourist information center in Delhi's Hotel Janpath & Hyderabad to tap the foreign tourists for Shirdi and other tourist spots in Maharashtra. Information like various destinations, connectivity routes, information on MTDC resorts, booking status will be available through these centers. It now plans to open such centers in Lucknow and Tirupati in the near future.

Thousands of devotees go to various religious Shrines to pay obeisance to the Almighty. for which they offer flowers as a symbol of purity, divinity and devotion. Also during festivals, flowers worth lakhs are used to decorate the Shrines and Deities, because of which all the places of worship are usually surrounded by various flower shops.

Florists and floriculturists use 280 varieties of chemicals to keep flowers fresh and prevent attack from pests.
Out of these, the WHO has banned 80 chemicals regarded hazardous for Humans, Soil and Air too.

So, what happens to these flowers once they are offered to the Idols in Temples?
Well, all these floral ornaments find their way to the garbage to be finally dumped at landfill sites,
left under trees to degrade/decompose or are thrown in river's etc to decay & pollute the environment.
While, some send them at Bio-Gas centers to be mixed with leftover food and other garbage,
and turned into Compost but then again in the making of which a few banned chemicals are used,
which emit a large quantity of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and thus are neither suitable, nor productive.

And in cities like Delhi, where the landfill sites has reached their saturation points, disposing used flowers in Yamuna etc is punishable by law, because it is estimated that in Delhi itself, a minimum of 20,000 kg flower from religious shrines is thrown into the Yamuna river alone. The quantum could reach around 75,000 kg, adding in the trash of flowers being dumped elsewhere also.
Moreover during the festive season, this quantity multiplies, making its disposal difficult.

To curb the Organic Waste of used flowers from polluting the environment, a first-of-its kind,
decentralized organic reject management (DORM) 'Spoke-n-Hub' model of a Flower Reprocessing Machine has been developed by 'ORM Green' a non-profit organization. Aptly titled "Project Blessed Flowers" this machine can reprocess the used flowers & convert them into fragrant bi-products like havan samagri, animal food, organic fuel, apart from liquid fertilizers (micro-nutrient) for kitchen/terrace gardens, depending upon the source of the reject, thereby ensuring zero burning, zero landfill and zero river pollution of organic waste & flowers.

On 08th May`2013, the Sai Baba Temple at Lodhi Road`New Delhi came forward and became the FIRST Green & Clean Temple not only in Delhi / NCR but the whole WORLD to install the  'Flower Reprocessing Machine' under the 'Blessed Flowers' project as a result of which within a month 14000 kg of used flowers  were prevented from being dumped into the Yamuna.

This Patent protected indigenous, simple automatic machine — ROR 45 — which operates
without emissions or use of chemicals reprocesses 15 metric tonnes of flowers every month.
The Smaller machine can process 6 kg of used flowers in 45 minutes, while the bigger model is capable of reprocessing upto 1,000 kg of used flowers. Every installation can prevent around 15000 kg of used Flowers a month and 180000 kg flower a year from being dumped to Yamuna.

Cost: This indigenous Flower Reprocessing machine costs Rs.8.4 lakhs only, in Delhi, which is installed with the help of donations from devotees.
Operations: Trained manpower from EWS on behalf of ORM Green are directly employed to look into operations at installation sites in a sustainable manner.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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