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'Sai Ke Rahasya' - A Hindi movie based on the holy book 'Shri Sai Satcharitra', of Shirdi Sai Baba has been released on 02nd Aug`2013, in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra`India. Director Shri.K.Pawar said that one can learn about the life of Saibaba by reading about his stories, but this movie narrates how Baba lived, how his power's were at first rejected & later appreciated. It also showcases the difference between the old and the new Shirdi. The role of Sai Baba is played by a Beggar, the director found begging in Sai Baba's attire @ the Aurangabad Railway Station.

After retirement from service, due to family problems & a financial crunch, Shri.Ashok Bagul left home for good and then dressing up as Shirdi Sai Baba, started to beg at the Aurangabad Railway Station. With an empty bowl in his hands he used to call out - 'Gareeb ko daan de do Baba' (Make an offering to the poor) and when someone did give him a rupee or two, he used to bless them by saying - 'Allah Bada Badshah' !

Coincidentally, Director Shri.K.Pawar was planning to make a hindi movie based on the life of Shirdi Sai Baba and was looking for a face closely matching to that of Sai Baba himself because he wanted the viewers to feel as if they were watching Sai Baba himself in the movie. He held several auditions for the role of Sai Baba but none fitted the bill for the role of Baba. Feeling very dejected Shri.K.Pawar went to take auditions in Pune & Kolhapur also but even there none got selected. Helpless, he then planned to search someone in Mumbai, for which the very same night, to catch a train for Mumbai, he reached the Aurangabad railway station where amidst the crowds, his sight fell upon a beggar begging wearing a Head-cloth and a bowl in his hands. The beggar was not only dressed up as Sai Baba but his actions were also in the same mannerism as Baba. Highly impressed with him, Shri.Pawar, felt as if Sai Baba himself had given him darshan and taken it as sign from Baba, he decided to cast this beggar in the lead role of Sai Baba in his hindi movie 'Sai Ke Rahasya' !!! So, finally Shri.Ashok Bagul portrayed the role of Sai Baba in the movie for which, despite being a beggar, he did not charge a single rupee for the movie. And even today one can find him begging at the Aurangabad-Manmad Railway Station ! However in-between the shooting, Shri.Ashok Bagul had disappeared, for which the director searched for him at Pune, Mumbai & Aurangabad Railway Stations but finally managed to find him after 22 days, sleeping at the Manmad railway station.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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