Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On 28th August`2013, Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great pomp and joy at the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi. On this occasion, a statue of Lord Krishna was placed in a decorated silver cradle, as a sign of wishing the Lord on his birthday. At 12:00 am, a special arati was performed to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Then, on 29th August`2013, before the Dhup Arati, the breaking of the Dahi-Handi event was performed and many devotees participated in it & broke the Dahi Handi. And at around 09:00pm, Baba's palanquin procession was taken out together with lord Krishna's Idol placed in it. Amongst the innumerable iracles performed by Baba, he had once given Darshan to a devotee in the form of Shri.Krishna himself. And so many devotees regard Baba as the incarnation of Lord Krishna.

According to the Shirdi Temple's head priest, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in Shirdi since the time of Baba himself, when Baba used to have Lord Krishna's Kirtan in the Chawri and then on the following day, Baba used to himself break the Dahi-Handi to mark the birth of Lord Krishna.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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