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Sri Ananda Sai Noodhana Dhyana Mandapam - Chennai

The 5'6" Fibreglass Idol of Shirdi Sai Baba @ 'Sri Ananda Sai Noodhana Dhyana Mandapam'`Chennai - Tamil Nadu,is made by artist T.P.R. Ganesh Iyer, who has put such detailed intricacies in the making that the Idol seems Lifelike. Be it the visible nerves or the Nails of the Hands/Legs, the cornea of the Eyes, this fibreglass Idol stands Unique in its own right.


'Sri Ananda Sai Noodhana Dhyana Mandapam'


NO: 4 & 11, Sai Baba Nagar,

Nandambakkam post,

Kundrathur (Via),

Chennai - 600069.

Tamil Nadu - India


Sri.N V Ramanan & his family, the Founder members of this temple are Staunch Devotees of Sri Sai Baba. In 1997, interested to know about his future Sri.Ramanan had approached a palm reader to get his horoscope read, which revealed that in a year and a half, he would receive a large piece of land and a statue in a sitting posture with the right hand raised in blessing. He was shocked as he had never thought on these lines before.

In the year 1998, he visited ECR Road - Injambakkam Sai Mandir & had a glimpse of Sai Baba in his dream in which Baba told him that, "I will come in a new form and construct a temple for me”. After this vision Sri.Ramanan came out of Family Bonding & started to live a life of celibacy and started looking out for a suitable place to build the Sai Temple, which was rather a very difficult task as nothing seemed to work out. In a chance meeting once, he got introduced to Sri.Leo Muthu`the Chairman of Sai Ram Engineer College who was also a Sai devotee and had built a small temple for Sai Baba inside his College Campus.

Sri.Ramanan requested Sri.Leo Muthu to help in purchasing land for the Sai Temple for which Sri.Leo Muthu readily agreed and offered to donate 70 cents (around 30,000 Sq.Ft) behind the Sai Ram Engineering College while requesting Sri.Ramanan to take the responsibility of managing it.


In 2004, Mrs.Surya - a Chennai citizen living in Dubai for nearly 27yrs, had a dream in which Sai told her to make his Statue which should be entirely different from the one's seen in other Sai Temples. A different image should be created and installed in a village called “Poonthandalam”. Sai also asked her to find a person who had the same thought and gave her a vision of this village too.

Now, Mrs.Surya did not know how to fulfill this dream as she was in Dubai. Where is this "Poonthandalam village"? Who makes Sai Statues? What is the new form? She had no clue for all these questions. When she came to Chennai searching for the village she had visioned in her dream, she got very happy because not only did she find the village but also had a chance meeting with Sri.Ramanan there. Sri.Ramanan who had recently got the land for constructing the Sai temple here.

On her way back from Chennai via the Kanchipuram Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt to seek blessings, Mrs.Surya saw a 2.5 ft. unique statue of Kanchi Maha Periyava at the Mutt and got the idea of getting the same kind of Statue for Sai Baba.

On inquiring, she got to know about Sri.T.P.R. Ganesh who worked a miracle at it and the outcome was a 5.6 ft Fibre Glass Statue of Sai Baba. Stranger is the fact that Ganesh has created it in the posture as predicted! On Gokulastami`2006, Mrs.Surya donated the completed Fibreglass Statue of Sai Baba to Sri.Ramanan who was yet searching for a different kind of Idol of Baba for his Sai Temple. The Idol was installed in the Temple's Dwarakamai and finally in 2008 it was shifted inside a glass cabin in the Dhyana Mandapam.


Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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