Monday, August 5, 2013


Close on the heels of 6 murders in 15 days, of homeless beggars in Shirdi by some 'serial killer' / 'psychopath' on the loose, the Shirdi authorities have decided to move the rest of the beggars out of the temple town to a rehabilitation home in Pune. However, this move has been termed as Procedural, citing reasons of Nuisance to Public.

On Tuesday 30th July`2013, the Shirdi police filed a case in Rahata Court on the basis of the complaints of the visitors to Shirdi. The Superintendent of Police`Ahmednagar said that they had approached the Rahata Court under the sections of the Prevention of Begging Act of the Bombay Police Act, and submitted to the court that there was the need for rehabilitating the beggars in Shirdi as they were causing trouble to the visiting devotees. The officer said that about 125 beggars in Shirdi will be shifted to the Beggars Home in Pune after following all legal procedures and securing the court orders. According to sources,the shifting was to take place on Tuesday night itself. Some 5 months ago, following increasing number of complaints of beggars troubling devotees, Shirdi's Local Governing body had tried to send them away from the temple town. But they returned and were soon back in business.

However, this time round, many beggars are leaving Shirdi on their own, fearing danger to their lives, from the Killer who attacks beggars with heavy stones on their head, while they are sleeping on pavements at night. The Police are yet clueless about this killer who has killed 6 beggars within a radius of 2km of Shirdi's Sai Baba Temple.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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