Friday, August 23, 2013


Shirdi which was facing a severe water crisis since 2012 has been blessed with a good rainfall since 07th June`2013. Heavy downpours in the whole State of Maharashtra including the district of Ahmednagar, since June`2013 has been a blessing for Shirdi, which had been facing severe water crisis because of its almost dried up water tanks due to the irregular water supply from its source - Nashik's Darna dam, which itself had not received good rains since 2012.

But this year a good monsoon in Shirdi has given it a break from its years old water woes. The catchment area of the upstream dams in Ahmednagar & 5 Dams in Nashik region, including the Darna Dam, are filled up over 80% of their respective storage capacities. Water from the Darna dam is already being discharged at the rate of around 10,354 cusec.

The Bhandardara dam located in Ahmednagar district, is also filled up to 90.67% of its total capacity. Usually the upstream dams achieve their upper mark between third and fourth week of August, but this season, the optimum levels have already reached. With upstream and downstream dams filled up midway through the monsoon season, officials are looking forward for good water stock this year.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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