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06th April`2012

RTI Activist Sanjay Kale is well known for bringing forth several irregularities of the Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Trust. He had earlier got out in open the Travel Bills reimbursement Scam of the former Trustees. In 2012, he pursued the RTI act further and brought forward several other irregularities of the former Shirdi Trust, which adds up to Crores of rupees as losses for the Sansthan. These irregularities range from the Prasad Ladoos to VIP Stays at the Sansthan's Guest houses, Melting Gold to Property to Road construction to even children's school benches.

As a result of all these allegations, on 30th May`2012, the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court ordered the disbanding of the Shirdi Sai Baba Trust, second time after its 13th March`2012 verdict, dissolving the 7 year-old body comprising 15 trustees for not complying with the constitution of the Trust which entails that the term of the body cannot be more than 3 years. The Shirdi Trust affairs are now looked after by the Ahmed Nagar district Collector under the district judge and the executive officer of the Sai Trust.

Ex-Shirdi Trust Members 'Hosted' Politicians @ Shirdi's Guest Houses at Taxpayers' Cost

28th June`2012

Politicians from Maharashtra, among others, had allegedly enjoyed their stay free of cost at Shirdi Sai Baba Trust's guest house during most of the tenure of its now disbanded Trust, an RTI query by Mr.Sanjay Kale has revealed. The guests, including politicians among thers, enjoyed "free" stay at the Sai Trust's VIP guest house, 'Sai Niwas', from 20th May`2005 till 30th March`2012, activist Sanjay Kale said.

As a result of this RTI, one of the Sansthan's Trustee now had to foot the bill to the tune of Rs 1.67 Lakh. While few others had to pay their pending dues, believed to be in Lakhs.


Activists question Shirdi Doctors 30 Heart procedures a Day claim

20th June`2013

Two doctors posted at the Shirdi Sai Baba Trust have been working round-the-clock, if figures on the number of operations provided by them at the Shri Saibaba Super Specialty Hospital are anything to go by. And,their work has earned them handsome incentives, averaging nearly Rs.1.5 lakh a day.

The 2 doctors were given Rs.4.43 crore collectively as incentives in 2012-13, to perform operations atthe Shri Saibaba Super Specialty Hospital. Activist Sanjay Kale,who accessed this information through RTI, has asked the hospital to take a re-look at its incentive policy. Kale has also shot off a letter to the CM and Chief Secretary, demanding a check on the manner in which money is misused by the Shirdi Trust. According to the RTI reply, the hospital hired 2 Cardiologists who attend the OPD for 3 days and conduct operations on 3 other days of the week in the super-specialty Cathlab. One Cardiologist conducted 4,709 operations, heart procedures (Angioplasty, Balloon Mitral Valvotomy) in 156 days, while the others count in the same year stood at 4,520 operations. On an average, in 2012-13 only, the former Cardiologist performed 17 Angiography and 13 Angioplasty procedures each day, apart from other smaller ones.

Incidentally,the 55th annual report of AIIMS`Delhi, states that in 2010-2011 the Cardiology and CVTS (the heart surgery branch) together performed 3,976 procedures and surgeries.

This figure is not unbelievable, but rare to achieve. And if doctors are charging so much money as incentives, it means they are not working for poor patients, said Dr Anant Phadke,a health activist from Pune.

Mr. Kishore More, Executive officer of the Saibaba Sansthan Trust has said that he will check the figures of daily operations and the incentives given for it and that the Cardiologist hired was a very renowned doctor & his patients had got excellent treatment. When asked whether the Saibaba Hospital was meant for poor patients, he said, of course and that their rates were 30-35 % lower than the private hospitals.


Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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