Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Record Rs.275 Crore Cash Donated In 2012 @ Shirdi

Every year the donations offered by Sai devotees at the Shirdi Shrine is increasing, such that it is breaking it's own previous year records to create new one's!

In 2012 alone, the Shirdi Sai Baba Trust received a record Cash donation of Rs.274.71 Crore from devotees. This Cash donation received was around 20% more than the Rs.255.55 Crore Cash it had received in 2011.

Apart from Cash, devotees also donated an additional 36 kg of Gold in various forms worth Rs.11 Crore, and 373 kg of Silver. However, the Silver donations in 2012 fell from the 440 kg of Silver it had received in 2011.

Out of the Rs.274.71 Crore Cash received in 2012: 1) Rs.57 Crore was earned through the Sansthan's donation counters. 2) Rs.180.74 Crore through Cash boxes. 3) Rs.40 Crore was received through Cheques, Online Transfers and Money-Orders.

In 2011, the Sansthan's Fixed-Deposits with various Nationalized banks were worth Rs.580 Crore. In 2012 these Fixed-deposits swelled up to Rs.803 Crore. And there was also an increase in foreign exchange in 2012 to Rs.8.30 Crore from Rs.6.28 Crore in 2011.

Finally, apart from melting 37 kg Gold and 513 kg Silver for making Coins, the Sansthan still has about 300 kg Gold, 4,000 kg Silver and Diamonds worth Rs.3.5 Crore in its kitty.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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