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Details - Rs.450 crore Image Makeover For Shirdi

Details - Rs.450 crore Image Makeover For Shirdi - For More News Visit: January 13, 2011

The Maharashtra Govt is all set to totally change the face of Shirdi & make it into a world class Pilgrimage plus Tourist Spot, for which, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has revived its six-year-old Shirdi development plan and is planning to construct a 3-5 Star Hotel, a Promenade, Skywalks and Parking lots in the city which attracts more than eight lakh pilgrims on a day on any auspicious occasion.

The Shirdi Sai Temple Trust manages the 5-6 acres of land surrounding the place of worship. Now, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) will undertake a massive makeover within a 3 km circumference around the Temple land.

MSRDC had floated Rs.450-crore infrastructure development plan for Shirdi in 2005, which had been lying dormant for 6 years. MSRDC, however, has now called for Expression of Interest (EOI) from various parties and held a meeting with infrastructure and real estate players to kick-start the programme.

The Project will be build on a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model where the operator creates the infrastructure and returns the project back to the government after recovering his cost.

MSRDC will be awarding a contract with the condition that the town has to be developed along the lines of the Vatican City. Tenders will be published in March`2011. The Shirdi SaiBaba Sansthan has studied the Traffic & Crowd management model of 10 Indian Pilgrimages and 3 International Pligrimages - Jerusalem, Mecca & the Vatican City. It finally decided to go ahead with the Vatican city based model for Shirdi.

Under this plan, the MSRDC will:

a) Start a three or five star hotel and has already sought land from the Shree Shirdi Sai Sansthan.

b) The MSRDC is also planning a four-lane 10km ring road, which will go along the township.

c) Widening of roads in Shirdi as the township with a population of 60,000 inhabitants sees more then 1 lakh people coming in on an average day.

d) Constructing a 1,200-metre Skywalk to the Main Temple complex, which will have three outlets leading to the temple with Lifts and Escalators.

e) It will also include a 1.5km promenade on the Ahmednagar-Manmad road.

f) The promenade will provide facilities such as sanitation, seating arrangements for the devotees.

g) Plans to have multi-storeyed car parking of seven to 11 floors that can house 600 vehicles.

h) There are also plans to build a hotel with at least 200 rooms for devotees.

The plots for development are being provided by the Shirdi Temple Trust and the officials claim that once the bidder is finalised, they project will be completed in 30 months.


A special report on the future plans of turning Shirdi town famous for Sai Baba temple, into a world class Pilgrimage plus Tourist Spot.

The Entire Project will be completed in Three Phases within 3-4yrs time. The 1st Phase will cost Rs.100 crore for the entire Road Development in & around Shirdi. A Ring-Road will be build around Shirdi so that those who want to by-pass Shirdi can do so from Out-n-Out itself without entering Shirdi Town thus reducing the Traffic congestion in Shirdi.

The 2nd Phase will look after the Traffic & Crowd Management plus the Commercial Use of Land for which a total of 5 plots have been identified & will be purchased by the Shirdi SaiBaba Sansthan for MSRDC who will develop it under B.O.T & Public-Private Participation. A Multi-level Parking to accommodate thousands of Cars/Buses will be made. A big building " Bhakt-Niwas' & Commercial Area will be made for Boarding/Lodging of Devotees and for Commercial use also. Cars/Buses etc will come straight into this Multi-level Parking and the Devotees will directly go to the Bhakt-Niwas from here. There is going to be Sky-Walks in Shirdi connecting the "Bhakt-Niwas" directly to the 3 Entry/Exit points of Baba's Samadhi Temple. These Sky-Walks will have Lift`s & Escalators too for the benefit of the Aged/Handicapped People. Thus, there will be less number of people on the road going to & fro the Samadhi Temple. In short Shirdi will have all the facilities for a world class tourist Spot.

The 3rd Phase will be building a Green Zone with a Amphi-theatre, Promenades, Benches etc to make Shirdi a Tourist spot alongside an Pilgrimage for which 8 plots have been identified & will be purchased by the Shirdi SaiBaba Sansthan for MSRDC who will develop it under B.O.T & Public-Private Participation.

Credits: Article By - Rohit Behal

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