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Entire Waghbil Village Leaves For Shirdi For Baba's Darshan

Entire Waghbil Village Leaves For Shirdi For Baba's Darshan - For More News Visit:

Thursday, 11th November 2010

The Waghbil Village in Thane district of Maharashtra, now boasts of a first of sorts Trend where ALL THE RESIDENTS OF THE VILLAGE WILL GO TO SHIRDI to seek blessings from Sai Baba unlike with only a handful of villagers who walk for seven to eight days all the way to Shirdi. In total 170 people from the Waghbil Village will go walking all the way to Shirdi covering 240 km in all and 30 km a day.

With Age no Bar for Devotion, the residents of Waghbil Village are making their way to the Holy Pilgrimage of Shirdi.

The First batch left early Tuesday 09th Nov`2010 morning and after a gap of seven days the other batch consisting of 350 people is expected to leave by vehicles to catch up with the former group. They would then return home by bus or other vehicles after the 'Darshan' and their return would be celebrated by a ‘Bhandara’ after four days.

Shri.Kunkesh Patil, a Social worker and a resident of the village said,
"This year the young at heart left today and the rest of the village will leave by bus, two and four wheelers to reach Shirdi on 15th Nov`2010 to reach the next day. They would return the same day after which a celebration with a ‘Bhandara’ would be followed on 20th Nov`2010. The youngest this year will be a four-year-old Sujan Shinge."

Sujan Shinge excitedly confirmed, "I am looking forward to my maiden Padhyatra though I have gone about five times by car before. If I get very tired I will sit in the accompanying vehicles but will try hard not to."

The Villagers who go by foot to Shirdi take breaks every afternoon and night covering about 30 km daily and at each halt, food is prepared by fellow devotees who accompany them in a couple of vehicles which carry food, water & sleeping bed sheets.

Throughout the journey, devotional songs are sung, and Sai Baba's stories and other leela's are discussed. Those very tired, fall asleep while the rest continue singing devotional songs and discussions.

Another social worker Ganesh Choudhury of the Village said, "Every year people go walking and others prefer going by vehicles like buses, big 10-seaters and motorcycles to reach Shirdi."

Vikraj Shinge, a devotee said "When we go to Shirdi, the village hardly has any people around. Only the old, infirm and a few who cannot get leaves from their jobs will be present. The rest will all be in Shirdi !!! They will meet at Khandoba Mandir, the same Temple where Saibaba first halted before going to the Neem tree. The Palkhi carrying Baba left the temple to go round the Village on roads that were gaily decorated with bright and colourful rangolis.


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