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100kg Gold Throne & Baba's Pran Pratishtha Michigan

28875 W Seven Mile Rd,
Livonia, MI-48152
Phone: 248-471-6474
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Sri Shirdi Sai Samsthan, Michigan is a non-profit organization was started on Guru Purnima day (July 22) of year 2002. Initially Bajans and puja’s for Baba were conducted in rental places like apartment complex. Later on they were performed in Novi civic center. The Samsthan has been growing since then with several Bhajans, singers and volunteers who strengthened our goal to build a temple for Shirdi Sai Baba in Greater Detroit area.

In 2006 the organization became a member based organization. It had 2 major fund raisers in June 2006 and April 2008 to collect funds for building a temple for Shirdi Sai Baba. Since Jan 2008, it has extended the pujas and bajans to Saturday, besides just Thursday. Land/Building acquisition committees were formed with an intention of acquiring the land/building for temple for Baba.
Eventually, the Temple was bought in May 2008 & had a Grand Inaugural function of the Temple in Aug 2008.

Main Building:
11,000 sq ft of build up space in 4.01 acres of land.
5500 sq ft of Baba's Mandir.
5500 sq ft basement that is used for Kitchen, Class rooms and Hall.


09:00 AM - Kakad Aarti
10:00 AM - Abhishekam
10:30 AM - Archana
12:00 PM - Mid day Aarti
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM -Temple will be Closed ( Except on Thursdays / Saturdays & Sundays.)
06:00 PM - Dhup Aarti
06:30 PM - Archana & Bhajans
06:30 PM - Hanuman Chalisa (Tuesday)
06:30 PM - Lalitha Sahasranamam (Friday)
06:30 PM - Vishnu Sahasranamam (Saturday)
08:00 PM - Sai Chalisa
08:30 PM - Shej Aarti

Thursday Pooja Schedule

08:15 PM - Palki Seva
08:30 PM - Sai Chalisa
08:45 PM - Shej Aarti

Temple is Open for FULL DAY on Thursdays / Saturdays & Sundays.

IBN7 24th Sep`2009

For, America's Michigan State's Sri Shirdi Sai Temple, a 100 kilo's Gold and Silver Throne has been made in Mumbai`India.

This Majestic Throne, which is made of 93 kg Pure Silver and 7 kg Pure Gold consists of
1) Gold & Silver Throne
2) Golden Chhatar (Canopy)
3) Golden Crown
4) Two Golden Lion's (One each beside the Throne)

Michigan's NRI Sai devotee's out of love & devotion for Baba, got together and contributed for this 100 kg majestic Gold & Silver throne for Sai Baba. This Idol has been made in Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar.

According to Mr.Praful Vagharkar (Owner of the Shop), order's for such Throne's have also come in the past. He said that for America itself, he has made One such Throne for Chicago, One for Atlanta and this, the third one is being made for Michigan. Apart from this, he has also made such a Throne for California, Switzerland and a couple of more places. This grand Throne was made mostly by hand, in 107 days by 26 artisans, who worked day and night to give this throne a royal-n-majestic look.



AT : Sri Shirdi Sai Samsthan, Michigan
28875 W Seven Mile Rd,
Livonia, MI-48152, USA
Phone: 248-471-6474
e-Mail :
Website :
Sai Baba's Pran Pratishta took place on : Saturday 31st Oct`2009

This Saibaba Idol has been carved by the renowned Sculptor Sri Rajiv Harish Talim - Grandson of Sri Balaji Vasanth Talim, who carved the Original Saibaba Idol in Shirdi.

The Main Highlight of this Vigraha Pratishta Mahotsavam was the main Priest of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple "Sri Dilip Vishwanbhar Sulakheji" who had come himself from Shirdi to grace the occasion and had bought the Vastram & a Garland from Shirdi itself, for this Sai Baba's Idol. He also performed the "Satya Narayana" Vratham and "Sai Satya Vratham."


From I-696E: Take exit 61 to merge onto I-696 W/Walter P Reuther Fwy toward Lansing.
Take exit 10 for M-10/N W Hwy toward US-24/Telegraph Rd. Merge onto John C Lodge Fwy/M-10 N.
Take exit 18B to merge onto Telegraph Rd/US-24 S. Turn right at 7 Mile Rd W and continue till you cross the inkster road.
The temple just on the South of 7mile after crossing the inkster road. (~ 0.8 miles from inkster road)

From I-275N: Take exit #169B on to 7 mile road and turn right on 7 mile E and continue till you cross the middlebelt road.
The temple is just on the South of 7 mile after crossing the middlebelt. (~ 0.2 miles from Middlebelt Road)

From I-275N: Take exit #169B on to 7 mile road and turn right on 7 mile E and continue till you cross the middlebelt road.
The temple is just on the South of 7 mile after crossing the middlebelt. (~ 0.2 miles from Middlebelt Road)

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Article By: Rohit Behal

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